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Country:   Lima Peru 
Date:       17th Century
Medium:   Oil on Burlap
Museum:  Brooklyn Museum

Subject:   Tobias & Three Archangels
Artist:      Francesco Botticini
Date:       1470

Subject:  Leaving Tobias' Family
Artist:     Rembrandt van Rijn
Date:      1606–69

Subject:   Tobias & Raphael 
Artist:       Jean Charles Cazin 
Medium:   Oil Painting on Canvas 
Museum:  Musée des Beaux-Arts

Subject:    Bishop Domonte
Artist:        Bartolome Murillo
Date:        17th Century
Museum:   Pushkin, Moscow
Medium:    Oil on Canvas

Subject:  Raphael and Tobias
Date:      17th Century

Subject:   Tobias & St. Leonard 
Artist:       Andrea del Sarto 
Date:       1512 
Museum:  Kunsthistorisches

Subject: Raphael & Tobias
Artist: Filippino Lippi
Date: Circa 1475/1480
Museum: National Gallery of Art

Subject: Raphael & Tobias

From: Naples, Italy
Date: Circa 1600
Medium: Gilded Wood
Museum: Los Angeles County 

Subject:  Curing Blind Tobit
Artist:      Jan Massys 
Date:      1563 
Museum: Musée de la Chartreus

Medium: Tempera/gold on Wood
Country:  Russia (Orthodox Icon)
Subject:  The Seven Archangels
              (Raphael at right front) 
Date:      19th Century

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Subject: Raphael & Tobias
Traditional Catholic Holy Card

        Subject: Jesus & 3 Archangels
        Origin:   Orthodox Iconography

Medium:   Embroidery
Artists:     Dominican Sisters
Date:       1860s

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